Preventive Medicine

In a few days, my wife and I will leave Wisconsin for the drive to Georgia and the start of my AT thru-hike.  This has been a long time in the planning.  I was so serious about this being high on my “list” (I despise the term “bucket list” so I refuse to call my bucket list anything other than a list) that it was a major factor in retiring when I did.  I shocked the office I managed when I announced my retirement but really floored them when I explained why – i.e., I wanted to have time to hike the Appalachian Trail as well as other long distance trails.  For many, the reaction initially was, “well, I wonder what the real reason is for him leaving?”  Eventually, they were convinced that, no, he really means this, there aren’t juicy office politics at play.  They were probably disappointed to realize this. Continue reading “Preventive Medicine”


Adventures in Cuy Farming

As parents, we strive to keep our kids safe and prevent them from doing stupid things that might cause them harm.  In part, this is accomplished, we naively think, by serving as positive role models as we sagely impart various important parenting rules.  We also, and this is part of what I call the “parenting paradox”, strive to prevent them from ever finding out about all the stupid things we did when we were their age. Continue reading “Adventures in Cuy Farming”