Into Harm’s Way

Or when not to walk in the woods



It is early Saturday morning and I’m driving into our local State Park on my way to meet a hiker at a trail head for the Ice Age Trail (IAT).  It is also the first day of gun deer hunting season in Wisconsin.  Signs are posted warning folks that it is hunting season and the park is fair game, so to speak.  Large vehicles, many with trailers, are parked on the side of the road and I see men in blaze orange hiking in the woods with rifles drawn.  I feel a bit like I’m driving into a war zone. Continue reading “Into Harm’s Way”


Invisible Cows, Dragon’s Nostrils and Other Oddities

Reflections on hiking in Hawaii

As I might have mentioned before, my older daughter is in the Navy.  This has involved a series of rotations at some interesting places which has given my wife and I pretty good excuses to go visit.  And, god bless her, so far, our daughter has tolerated, even encouraged, such behavior.  So it was when she learned that she would be spending 5 weeks in Honolulu.  She suggested that she, her sister and myself could take advantage of this and advance our high pointing agenda by bagging Mauna Kea on the Big Island.  I readily agreed, not giving it much more thought than it was an excuse to travel to Hawaii, which I had never visited. Continue reading “Invisible Cows, Dragon’s Nostrils and Other Oddities”