The Collective Cow Consciousness


Again, I am compelled to start with a confession – after repeated attempts to draw some sort of connection between this topic and the overall theme of my blog,  I am forced to admit that the following has absolutely nothing to do with hiking, trekking or climbing.  It is more of a confession on my part.  Read on if it suits you, but you have been forewarned. Continue reading “The Collective Cow Consciousness”


Incident at Rat Lake Swamp

IMG_0074First, I have a confession to make, perhaps you were lured into starting to read this blog by the title.  I will remove the suspense by saying that, unfortunately, I do not have much of an incident to report.  However, when I found on a map of Wisconsin that there was a place called “Rat Lake Swamp” in the general vicinity of the Nicolet National Forest, I decided that I needed to go there.  I mean, who could resist bragging rights for saying that they had been to Rat Lake Swamp?  I conjured scores of rodents, exceedingly large rodents, paddling sinisterly through the lake, threatening to attack the unwary hiker.   Continue reading “Incident at Rat Lake Swamp”